It's great to have you here...let us show you why.

We are passionate about 2 things - about you and about innovative approach to IT&Telco. Especially about (big) data interpretation.Sounds like a buzzword? Well, maybe, but we really mean it!  


If you are tempted to open the bean and start enjoying what is inside, please do let us know:





With the big data, we started in 2014 at major Czech telco operator where we implemented PoC for a new HDFS and MapReduce data repository. Over time, we switched to Spark and worked on prototypes in the field of Marketing, Fraud detection and Network optimisation.

At present, we are working hard to design and implement large enterprise applications on big data clusters. Specifically we work on Fraud detection use cases. We are mainly concerned about reliability, stability, scalability and efficiency in terms of cluster resource usage. 



We have many years of experience with open-source (JSLEE) platforms. We are able to deliver network functionalities like PCRF, EIR, 3GPP-AAA, EntitlementServer etc. or any other telco-grade "micro-service". We can also support your business with integration of IoT devices, with appropriate representation of the data and on top with clever analytics.


  1. We are not the biggest and most global super-concern. We are not Top100.. yet.. But maybe that is not what you are looking for. Maybe you like to work with a flexible start-up team full of enthusiastic people who know e.g. how to make your big data cluster production ready, inject data efficiently, automate, select the best SW stack and toolset, create Machine Learning algorithms that will help you to work with your (big) data. We are a start-up team created around experts with profound IT&Enterprise solutions experience. We love doing Research&Development stuff, innovative proof-of-concepts as well as production-ready solutions based on your needs and together with you to make sure you get what you really expect. We profess professional and open minded attitude but we also want to make sure we all enjoy what we are working on. And one more thing… commitment is for us a big word. You can bet on it that we work extremely hard & do anything and everything possible to make sure /y/our project will be a successful one!

We believe that adapting Big data together with Machine Learning significantly helps to increase efficiency in data analysis and generally problem solving. As IT infrastructure is becoming more complex and amount of available data is growing exponentially, bringing advanced analytic and machine learning tools is the only way how to stay successful. Also we believe that building machine learning tools (using standard open source products) gives companies possibility to iterate fast and adapt quickly to new requirements and market changes. We help internal development teams learning new frameworks and building production ready tools. 




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +420-603-400-590 or fill out the form.


To apply for a job with OpenBean, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:  





Currently we are looking for smart students who are eager to gain working experience during their studies. Students who want to get inspired as well as want to inspire others themselves.  If anything up here speaks directly to your heart & brain, this is the chance and we are truly looking forward to hearing from you at  joinus(at)open-bean.com. ​​BTW:  no worries, you do not need to be locked in an office 10 hours a day. We realize you are a student and that is your priority - and we know how to make these two things working together.

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